Website Designers Understanding Corporate Website Design

  • Designing a website for a corporate purpose requires a much different approach from designing one for personal or shopping purposes. If the reasons behind this statement aren’t clear to you yet, read on and it should be by the time you are done reading this article.

    Obviously, designing any kind of website requires a considerable amount of time and research. That being said, when it comes to corporate web design for your company, you first need to put a number of things like the theme (colour, layout, etc), logo designs, number of pages, and a host of other things into clear perspective. You need to know what you want the finished site should look like and what exactly it should do.

    As far as corporate web design goes, it is a common conception among website designers that blue, grey, and/ or ‘light hearted’ colours are more suitable. This is because with corporate websites, companies are mostly trying to get the attention of customers from the word ‘Go’. That is, they want to make sure the first impression of the website captures the visitors’ attention as much as possible. This is unlike personal websites that are meant to convey more of who the owner is as well as their personality.

    Most from web design or marketing experts would tell you that one of the other most important factors in corporate website design is the need to get the company’s goal across almost instantly. This is more like capturing the customer’s attention but is more on the branding side of things. That is, if your website is not reasonably branded and laid out properly enough – to make the visitor desire more – then you stand the chance of losing them almost instantly before you convey any message as to what the company is about and what it can do for the visitor.

    Hence, keep in mind that corporate website designs should be treated much differently from personal or shopping sites. In short, the site needs to capture the visitor’s attention and get message across almost instantly.

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